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Posted: October 5, 2011 in Around Azeroth


Raiding with Naked Bug

Shortly after Lich King release, naked bug was introduced  to game. First time I saw it was on the boat to Northrend, when everyone around me all of a sudden were naked (well, as much as game allows you to be). I thought it was a funny thing they did on purpose, like “zomg Northrend, YAY! Let’s get jiggy with it, clothes OFF!”, but it didn’t take long before naked bug was a common expression. And it seemed to last through the whole expansion.

I guess that it was better being alliance than horde, strictly Naked Bug speaking. Very much hair, fur and weird knuckles on horde (naked undead! Uuuhhh!). Much more silky  skin, nice muscles and smooth curves on our side, of course you need to consider the amount of dwarves and gnomes. Size DOES matter. And draeneis, well, everybody loves draeneis, naked or not (and don’t tell me you NEVER been having naughty thoughts about what draeneis in your party can do with its tail!).   There was quite a few threads on WoW forums about the bug (or should we rather call if a buff?), but not really any answers on how to get rid of it. I kinda miss it! Wtb it back for Cata! Do you remember Naked Bug? Did it make you cover your eyes or simply made ya drool? 😀

Auctionhousing with Naked Bug.

  1. Erinys says:

    I rather liked it 😦
    Killing bosses looking naked was fun.
    Not sure I reached the drooling stage though, we had too many male Draeneis/Night Elves for that.

  2. Tribeca says:

    but…but..! Night elves are hot…? 😮

  3. Steve says:

    No males in Warcraft are hot. That is a fact. Oh, except me.

  4. Syrco says:

    Yes, I remember this! And I was Alliance back then, so naked gnomes and dwarfs…. I DO NOT MISS IT ONE SEC!!! 8D But hmm, naked male taurens… maybe..

  5. Hahhhaaaa jeh, well … i didn’t feel too “disturbed” as it would be somewhat close to going to a beach or to the swim or something. The downside of the “nekked” bug was that you couldn’t see your group’s gear so there were a few surprises when reaching the dungeon and people actually being without gear^^

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