Winner of Winged Guardian

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Around Azeroth

…is Shax! As much as I would like to buy everyone a lion, I don’t think my bank account would agree, so for now the lion goes to Shax. I don’t know him, but he mentioned his favourite mount is  the Crusader’s White Warhorse, that is no longer obtainable. Maybe glowing lion will be a decent replacement for now? Hope so.

I chose the comment from Random line picker, so no cheating ofc 🙂

I hope you, Shax, will write to me on and confirm your e-mail so I can send you the code for the mount. Grats and thanks again to all who joined in. ♥

  1. Katanya says:

    Congrats to Shax! And thanks to you for doing such an awesome contest!

  2. Jaedia says:

    Indeed! Thank you for the contest, it was very generous of you! 😀

  3. x2qrt says:

    Nice one 🙂

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