I was excited when Blizzard released their first Blizz store mount, the celestial steed. Bit of a Spectral Tiger look, which happens to be on list of most wanted mounts! However, I’ve never felt I could let my self spend$500 and more, which is what it sells for on e-bay and other wow items sites. No matter how  cool it looks like, I can’t say it would be worth half  a monthly rent. I have settled with the celestial steed which is shiny and sparkly, and since it binds to your account, I have been using it on my alt newly dinged 20 alts, since it looks a lot smoother than a bumpy elek, for example.

My list of most wanted mount. More or less up to date.

The new blizz store mount is the Winged Guardian, a flying lion with glowing paws and wings. It has been subject of a lot of qq in trade chat, just like last time. Ok, so you don’t want to spend real money on a mount, that’s fine. But why can’t people let the ones who actually do, just do it and enjoy their lion? It is really worse than buying anything else? Clothes, movies, books? The mount is (and I have now been looking for the Euro symbol for 10 minutes on keyboard, it’s gone!) 20 Euros, not enough reason to cause massive trade spam for imo.

Enough blah blah, how can I win?

I have bought it, and I think it looks really good. It is perhaps not the Ashes of Al’ar, which is my oh-oh-oh-want-so-badly-mount, but you can’t have it all, right? I think the lion love should be shared, and if you are a mount lover and want this one in your collection without paying for it, here’s your chance! Only requirement to win the Winged Guardian is that you are an active wow player and promise to take it out flying once in a while. Simply make a comment below and tell me which mount is your favourite one, either one you already have or the one you (so far) never got. *sniff, Al’ar*. At the end of the week I’ll draw one name and it might be yours 😀

  1. Jaedia says:

    I would love to enter but first I should ask is it region specific or have you not yet bought the code? 🙂

    Either way, my favourite mount is Ashes of A’lar, don’t have it yet though we might start farming it eventually! Otherwise, probably the Silver Covenant Hipogryph, I adore it so much, shame I usually play Horde!

  2. Tribeca says:

    I have not bought the (2nd) code yet, when you buy it there is a “gift wrap it” choice, and you enter the e-mail of the one who is getting it. I will send a mail to the store and ask what happens if / when the person is US and not EU. Thanks for making me aware of that, didn’t cross my mind 🙂

    And excellent taste in mounts 😀

    Edit: Seems all I need to do is choose between EU and US store and then choose “gift” option, so should be no problem. Yay!

  3. Björn says:

    I bought one to my wife and she loves it…flying big cat…resistance is futile 😀

    I guess the ppls who are pure-loot-only doesn’t like it … but who cares, lion love is here to stay!

  4. Asmenedas says:

    I think my favorite (that I have) is The Headless Horseman’s Mount. This could be because it’s the only one ever rare drop mounts I’ve won. Thanks for the contest!

  5. celticlibrarian says:

    My favorite currently is the Black Drake, but I’m anxiously awaiting the moment I finally get the polar bear mount from the Brunhildar daily! Thanks for the contest!

  6. Patty says:

    I would have to say the Mechano-Hog is my favorite. It’s the mount I’ve put the most effort into getting. Plus… it’s freaking awesome!

  7. Silverhawk says:

    How can you not have Invincible (Lich King’s steed) on your list :S It ranks top 3 for me in Azeroth mounts. First is Spectral tiger of course and second is ZG Tiger.
    Since I’ve moved to Telara I will not enter tze contest, but I just had to put invincible in there as it is teh Awesome !

  8. Silverhawk says:

    😀 It’s gorgeous that mount… and not to many has it either since it only drops on heroic lich king 25m 😛

  9. Honorshammer says:

    My favorite mount is the Turbo Charged Flying Machine. This is the Engineering only flying mount, the helicopter. My love for WoW started in Warcraft III and one of my favorite units in Warcraft III were the little Gyrocopters (“They came from…behind!) While I have various drakes, and dragons, you will usually find me flying around in an old beat up helicopter, though I do promise to fly around the Lion if I win and the Lion will get plenty of work on my other toons.

  10. Cederien says:

    Of course Ashes of Al’ar has is my favorite… is there any mount more fitting for Elemental Shaman then a Fiery Bird? Luckily about 10 days ago I managed to claim it. YEAH! Up till then the Twilight Drake, being #2 on my lists has been my (flying) mount of choice. Third (and 1st in ground mounts) is the Zul’Gurub Tiger. Sadly I never managed to get that one, but hey I’ve got Al’ar now… so who cares, right? 🙂

  11. Heidi says:

    I don’t want to enter the contest (I may have my flappylion already…) but I just want to make a comment to defend the mounts that people forget cause they never use them anymore. 😦 My favorite ground mount is still my shiny turbo strider from the tournament, it has fire painted on it’s wings! *wrooom*

    Though a love rocket would find a loving home with my shammy…

  12. Steve says:

    Well, old school but my favourite mount is still the Paladin Charger. This is going back to long quest chain taking in Stratholme, Dire Maul and Scholomance and done back in the day when you hit level 60 and didnt have any mates to boost you through it in 30 minutes. The joy of getting the thing and prancing about in SW on it was almost overwhelming.

    I’ve never bought/quested for another ground mount for my Pally and won’t ever need to do so. I’ve only got a handful of flying mounts and I almost only ever use the Swift Red Griffin. It’s functional and gets me from A to B easily enough.

    Do I win? Do I? Huh?

    S xx

  13. […] for one lucky winner. She’s keeping the competition itself nice and easy to enter – head over to her post to find out what you need to tell her in a comment over there by the end of this week. Her only […]

  14. Jasyla says:

    My favorite mount is my Amani War Bear.

  15. Qirzix says:

    Tough question! But if I had to pick ONE favorite mount, it would have to be the Zhevra, the original RAF mount. My undead warrior has it (he’s my oldest character) and I wish it wasn’t limited to one character.

  16. Edenvale says:

    My favorite is my motorcycle. I know it’s not rare any anyone can get one. This mount is special to me because my husband & I were going through some rough financial times. We had cut everything extra out of our budget too make ends meet, except WoW. Honestly, WoW is cheaper then cable, a dinner out, a month worth of gas or a movie for 2. Without something to do for entertainment, we’d just stare at each other.

    My birthday rolls around, we have no extra cash and what is sitting in my mailbox? A chopper and two gift wrapped boxes with companion pets. No real life money spent, it was a very excellent birthday.

  17. Nakaz says:

    I’m a fisherman at heart and, of course, the turtle mount has been a long time desirable for me. One of the most exhilarating aspects of the game to me is still the STV fishing competition. It’s not a lottery like the Northrend competition and everyone can win it. A lot may have changed in the game but, thankfully, the STV competition is still pretty much the same as it’s always been.

    Also, I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the Seahorse mount, Vashj’Ir is such a fresh experience and the seahorse makes it very enjoyable.

  18. Bristal says:

    I’m a casual mount collector. I love my sea turtle, finally spent some gold for the mammoth mostly for the vendor/repair convenience. But my macro sports only the albino dragon for flight and a tried and true sabercat ground mount for my NELF hunter. They just seem to FIT best.

    I just started grinding the Argent tourney quests to get the mounts and pets, plan to use the tourney sabercat as my ground mount.

    I do think the new mount looks great, but paying cash for WoW stuff (other than the Japan relief pet, thought that was very cool of Blizz to do) just doesn’t seem right to me somehow.

  19. Strutt@kil'jadean says:

    Favorite mount would have to be the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, looks amazing 🙂 and in for contest

  20. Sil says:

    The one mount that has been escaping my grasp, is the Ravenlord mount. Ever since I’ve heard of it, I wanted it. Religiously I started going into Sethek halls with my druid over and over again. Alas, I was never lucky and it just started to anger me more and more. I guess that would be normal for my little bear: RAGE!

    I’ve been putting it on hold for a while now, but I still really want him and tonight I will start farming for him again 🙂

  21. Katanya says:

    You know, this is actually a complicated question for me. I play on an RP server, so I end up having different favorites for different characters. I think the one I end up using for the most characters is the Cobalt Talbuk (both riding and war, for different situations, since they can be the same mount!). I also really love the Twilight Drake. I think though, I’d have to say that my absolute favorite right now actually came as a surprise to me. You see, right from the start I’d loved the Vitreous Stone Drake and the Grey Camel. I still absolutely love them, and my druid rides that camel all the time. However one day, my rogue happened to win the roll on Drake of the North Wind, from Vortex Pinnacle. I’d been very “meh” on the design of the Wind drakes….until I saw my rogue on this one. The color, the armor, the very feel of this drake seems to fit her character -perfectly-, moreso than any other mount I’ve had the pleasure of using on any character (Yes, that includes my warlock’s beloved Zhevra). While I still feel I have many favorites, the Drake of the North Wind is my top right now, partially because I was just so darned surprised at how much I loved it.

  22. toad says:

    Easily, hands down the attumen horse. Been farming it since kara was released.. but it still eludes me. Now its just a matter of pride to get it.

  23. Amerence says:

    My favorite Mount since I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 5yrs now is the Purple Nether Way Flying Mount, as much as I hate grinding the reputation as the Skettis mobs is so mean and creepy, I managed to defeat and gain a beautiful mount. as for Ground mount I always have the love of Kitty mounts and the Black War Tiger is one bad ass kitty. I wish I could have gotten the Swift Zulian Tiger oh well. But yea I enjoyed and still love my Purple Nether Way Flying Mount and Black War Tiger. =D

  24. yiyitherogue says:

    My favorite mount is Ashes of Al’Ar. I have it since mid wrath and its the one mount I always rock while hanging out in Ogrimmar. A few weeks ago I also got the TK pet (mini phoenix), so now I rock the house with my phoenix set 😛

    Still, the winged guardian would be an awesome mount for my several alts!

  25. shax says:

    My favorite mount is the no longer obtainable [Crusader’s White Warhorse] from “A Tribute to Immortality” at the Argent Loloseum. It felt like one of the most challenging achievements during WotLK to me. Too bad I traded it away for “a lifetime of free flasks/potions” 😦
    Nevertheless the only mount I still want badly are, of course, the Ashes of Al’Ar… sadly they just never seem to drop 🙂

  26. Jim Crone says:

    Hi. I am Alricthorne on Shandris. Currently level 56, but I am pumped to get flying soon & would love to have the lion for my 1st mount. My Guildies would be envious!!

  27. red cow says:

    My favorite mount is my Cenarion Hippogryph! It’s appropriately druidy and can be obtained via good old fashioned rep grinding rather than RNG. I love using it on my main!

  28. Anonymous says:

    My favorite mount is the sandstone drake/ the alchemy mount. It’s my favorite because I made it myself. It took time and a commitment to dailies for the vendor materials.
    I have swooped all my guild friends up and around Stormwind, under bridges, and doing whirlgigs around towers.
    Yup the sandstone drake is my favorite.

  29. Flaxnsnax says:

    I love my Frostwolf.

    Back when level 60 was considered endgame and epic mounts were one of the pinnacles of the game, I played Alterac Valley to raise my rep until I was finally able to buy this mount and join the “purple mount club”. I am a very casual PVP player to this day, and back then my poor resto shaman got bloodied regularly by those goody goody alliance, lol. Oh well, it was totally worth all the pain to get my frostwolf and he still gets ridden, remembered and loved, despite all the fancy new mounts that I earn.

  30. Anonymous says:

    My favorite mount is the sandstone drake, some day I will be able to make it myself but it still eludes me due to not getting the recipe from Archeology as of yet. I have the gold to get it made in game but I would much rather be able to make it myself so I will wait.

  31. Wolveryn says:

    Well I haven’t got a favourite mount right now as I’ve only got 1 so my choices are limited  Jowett o do have a favourite companion which happens to be lil’ deathwing. He’s very cool but the reason I like home most is because I have a 20 month old son and whenever I sit down to play wow he like to sit on my lap and watch Lil deathwing chase me around the place. He loves Lil deathwing and for that reason he’s my favourites x

  32. Christopher A dixon says:

    Well my favorite mount that i own would be the goblin turbo trike,cuz it took me awhile of dungeon crawl to get to exalted with Bilgewater gobbos. And the one that i would likt to have is the Turtle mount, cuz I think it would look kewl to fish from the back of a giant turtle. :))

  33. realgdman4u says:

    My favorite mount is the Chopper that lets another player in your group ride along with you. I like this mount the best because (much like my epic flying machine) I had to get the required reputation, gather the mats, and then have enough gold for the additional parts.

    It wasn’t just a gold sink like the elephant with two seats or whatever. Also, you didn’t have to buy a trading card. You worked hard, saved and reaped the benefits! Just like life is supposed to be! 🙂

  34. alacranmex says:

    My favorite mount is the Deathcharger’s Reins. It was one of the first big challenges that I face in the game (speed run). I won it luckily during TBC when it was still a .001% chance to drop or something insane ;). I have another one on Alacran but that was after the drop rate was increased.

    It looks so awesome and it was very cool back in the Outland days. It was fun imagining my human warrior as a deathknight before they were playable. The Deathcharger also shares a similar theme to the Pally’s charger making it interesting from a RP point of view.

  35. Stan says:

    My favorite is the fierce looking Armani War Bear. Wish I would have gotten it.

  36. Angelya says:

    My favourite mount that I actually have is the Netherwing Drake – love it! The one I’d most like is the Ashes of Alar, but I do like the look of these lions!

  37. Aeliel says:

    My favourite mount… hm. I have so many. My first urge was to go with something dragon-y and blue (Blue Proto-Drake, Blue Drake, Azure Drake, none of which I have on my main), because I love dragons and I love the colour blue. But thinking about it, my favourite mount is one I no longer even have, because I faction-swapped – the Striped Frostsaber night elf mount. It felt so great when I hit level 40 (this was back in the vanilla days) and could finally ride a cat rather than walk everywhere!

  38. ShammyLove says:

    […] Winged Guardian looking for new home! […]

  39. Doone says:

    Don’t add me to the raffle; my account will expire in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to patronize your site and say that this was a pretty cool idea to promote it 🙂 Now I’m a subscriber.

  40. Xannah@Gilneas says:

    I think my favourite mount has to be the Ashes of Al’ar. I don’t have it yet, but it looks ah-may-zing. 🙂 – I promise to take the mount out; every day actually because it’d be my main mount. #Xannah@GIlneas

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