Day 09- My first Blog Post

Posted: May 27, 2011 in 20 Days Challenge
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My first blog post was posted 22nd of July 2009, after weeks of planning. I was living in Sweden and was finding myself swapping Norwegian words for Swedish ones more and more often. I had, and had for a long time even after moving back to Norway, a hard time not using Swedish in my daily vocabulary,  which made fellow Norwegians look like question marks. As for today, the only word I use frequently is “mysa”, which is a word we lack in Norwegian. Means something like cuddling, but not necessary with another person, can be cuddling / relaxing in front of tv, lying on beach enjoying sun, can be anything that’s comfortable and enjoyable really. I really like the word, so it will be the last Swedish allowed in my language 🙂

Anyway, it was important to me not letting all this Swedish get into my head, so I wanted to start writing something. I like how there are no setup, no rules for writing in blogs, you can write in any style you want, essays, articles, facts, fiction, anything. Makes it fun. Was only natural to write about wow, which was and still is my hobby number 1, but I wanted to make it about wow but also with a hint of my and my own life, sort of like a red thread all through to make it more personal. And I think I have been sticking to that, maybe it even has taken more and more over.
My first blog post was an introduction including a video I really like. Quality is bad, but song is so sweet. Remember when shadow priests were always placed in groups with casters and healers to provide more mana? In  BC times and further back? Well, this video is about that 🙂

Edit: Seems think link is not compatible with WordPress, boo! But it can be found here. Instead I’ll post the video I was originally going to post in my first blog post, really old but really good 🙂

  1. Steve says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting.

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