New levels of geekiness

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Around Azeroth
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Easter is over, and I think I, by forcing myself to the gym, have burned all of my beers and most of my Easter eggs. Unfortunately it seems that several guildies think we still are in holiday mode. Right before the easter week, we had about 30 sign ups for raid nights, now it’s hard to gather 25. Very annoying, very frustrating. We have cleared all content on normal 25man now, it’s time for further progress in heroic modes. Some people probably sense the incoming wipe nights with its high repair bills and frustration, which makes me very disappointed. Raiding is not supposed to be easy all the time, and the ones who are just in for a free ride, well… They should find somewhere else to play, really.

Now that steam is out, for the last month I have been kinda bored in-game. Apart from raids I almost haven’t been online at all. Then, in all my boredom I made a worgen mage just in lack of something better to do, which I actually found really fun! I did a few levels in battlegrounds and the evil part of me enjoyed annoying people by sheeping them, let them think they got me before slowing them down with all kinds of frost spells and then arcaning them back to the dark side, so hard that they jus twant to run back and hide deep into Undercity! Mwahaa! Wicked me shows no mercy. Anyway,  this led me to the idea of getting some pvp heirlooms, so I started to run some battlegrounds on Tribeca just for this purpose. Only somewhere, somehow, I started having so much fun in pvp that I decided to buy gear for myself instead. Even more fun since quite a few of our guildies are also into smashing hordies, and together we have been rather unstoppable. Well. At least on one occation.  In either way, it certainly gave me a new hunger for gaming.

I also quite enjoyed the Noblegarden event, I did all the world events the first year they were available, so it didn’t feel that repetitive anymore. I was only going to pick up a few eggs so I could have two spring flowers for making a, *cough* cheerleader outfit. Forgot resto shammies can’t dual wield, so that was a waste. Then I thought it was be nice if my hunter could have a spring circlet every girl should have at least one of them in her wardrobe, and then I felt bad for the lock who didn’t even have an egg basket! Before I knew it I was the most efficient egg hunter in Goldshire, totally in control of all the egg spawn points, rushing around picking them up faster than lighting, causing egg aggro all over.  Now all my girls can parade around town in bunny outfits. Attention freak as I am.

My super cool friend Heidi once (when I wanted to buy a shaman hoodie!) said I should embrace my inner geek. So I am. This time by purchasing the new remote chat that works with Iphone. Meaning I can now join guild chat from phone, without actually being online.  I am almost as attached to my Iphone (I really use it for everything!) as I am to game, so a combo of these is powerful and a bit dangerous. My boss has already told me to put it down and reminded me I am not paid to play. Party pooper! Should I take him seriously and try cut down on my  freshly renewed interest for game and all that comes with it? Probably not. Going to follow wise Heidi’s advice instead  😀

  1. Qrt says:

    ooohhhh need to browse for that app for my andriod 😀

  2. Tribeca says:

    I don’t think it works with andropid actually 😦 but let’s hope I am wrong

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