Chez Moi

Day 6-Your desk. Picture and / or description.

My desk is not really a desk. I have a real desk upstairs, but there’s no window there, light is bad and internet connection comes and goes. So I have my little entertainment station in corner of my livingroom, using a table as desk. Most of the colours in my appartement are, just like the clothes in my wardrobe, a mix of white, grey and black.

I don’t have an office chair, but I do have the softest sheepskin in the world, not to mention furry, fluffy pillows.  I also like to keep fresh flowers on desk, smells good and look pretty. I try to keep as little as possible on the desk as too many things lying around give visual noise to me. The wow authenticator is allowed, though.

When I play I like to sit on one of my legs, leaning forward, meaning every time I get up I have no feeling in leg and need to jump around moaning. If I am watching movies or series, I like to lean back with legs up on desk, slacker style.

I like my little shinies, especially my World of Warcraft wireless headset., my G19 keyboard and Roccat mouse. I like how I can change the lighting and colours on all of them, and how I see everything even if I have no lights turned on. I also like how it’s possible to have “gaming gadgets” without it looking too geeky or masculine.

I really like my little corner, good thing, since I spend so much time there 🙂

  1. Syrco says:

    Haha, I always sit on my leg as well 😛 I can’t sit normal! Just no way possible for me. And same when watching movies!

  2. Tribeca says:

    Me too 😀

    Sitting on leg ftw!

  3. Syrco says:

    Well ye, but not after a while, then it huuuurts! And I’m like “shiiit my leeeg it doesn’t work” 😛 But still I always have to sit like this. Gonna post my day 6 soon 😀

  4. Qrt says:

    hmmm … I now see why you didn’t want me to come visit you when i was in your area. Sitting here drooling, looking your keyboard. It’s a G19, right?

  5. Qrt says:

    Got the G15 myself, a decent keyboard but i’d love to get my hands on a G19 🙂

  6. Qrt says:

    need to wait a while, had to buy a new pair of glasses … hehe

  7. Saga says:

    I’m jealous! I’m looking at getting a new keyboard, but I haven’t yet.. I’ve considered one of the G- ones but I’ve not decided yet. Are they nice to type on? I find some gaming keyboards are nice for playing but a bit odd for the typing. (Or maybe I’m picky about the feel of the keys hehe)

    Looks lovely with the tulips on the desk as well 🙂

    I used to always sit on my leg, but after I broke it a couple of years ago I can no longer do so.. Which sucks *lol*

    • Tribeca says:

      Ah, your desk with the glass was lovely.
      I really like the g19 one. It’s not very noisy, and I think typing goes very smoothly with it. Depends what you don’t like with them, of course? 🙂 How are you picky? I love the keyboards that are in rubber,if that’s right word to describe, but those are usually on laptops, boo! I’m picky about mouse. Mine makes too much sound.

      Ouch @ braking leg!

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