Liloo swimming in Stormwind lake

I have bags and banks filled up with items I simply need to keep, some for fun, some for handy and some for sentimental reasons. I could make a top 10. At least. But, don’t worry, I wont. For now. If I could only keep one item I would kiss my Piccolo Flute goodbye. I would shard my first epic weapon and wipe my tears on Robe of Insight. All while my Disco Ball would play its last serenade. All this to keep my Hook of the Master Angler, a trinket that turns you into a pirhana!

I was a hunter in my late 30’s and had run out of quests in Strangletorn Vale.  Determined to get to 40, which used to be the magical moment for the very first mount, I killed gorillas. Nothing else. Only gorillas. I killed them all, then looted them and skinned them, and by that time they had all respawned so I went back to killing. Just writing about it makes it hard not to fall asleep. Anyway, it must have been a Sunday since the npc’s announced that the fishing contest had started. I had never heard of this, but decided that I would give the gorillas a break and give it a try. I went from pool to pool and filled my bags with Tastyfish and ran back to Booty Bay, not sure what was going to happen. Well, I won the contest and, slightly confused, I chose the trinket as reward. This was my first trinket ever, and first in row of now many items that are just for fun.

I have tried winning this competition many times later, since I would like the “salty” title on my shaman. Ready in good time, with water walking, fishing outfit and lures, but with no luck. Someone always faster. So must have been very lucky back then. Any items that are special to you in-game?


  1. Qrt says:

    Yes i keep an unhealthy amount of “misc” items from days well passed. My full D2 set fully upgraded with the AQ 2h mace and ring to go with the set, and i keep my “last” current eqipment for each expansion. I love standing in some random place in my full vanilla equipment. Just hoping that someday someone will arrange a vanilla raid for people in vanilla gear^^

  2. Saga says:

    I hold onto a lot of the holiday event things and random little fun trinkets. I also like to keep my Tier sets. Don’t care so much about the off-set pieces.

    Other than that I love pets and mounts. Especially mounts. Gief more mounts 😉

    • Tribeca says:

      I don’t have any tier sets anymore. I simply don’t have enough space. :I
      I was happy when I saw the “wing mount” on wowhead today, but it was only a joke. Noooo! Gief wings!

  3. Heidi says:

    I am terrible at throwing these little pointless things away. I have a full bag in my inventory with random things as well as two bags full in my bank. While doing Iron dwarf, medium rare in Ulduar half our raid was sitting next to a romantic picnic basket waiting for the healers/tanks to get it over with. My first LK10 kill was using the orb of the sindorei. I probably have 10 stacks of savory deviate delight lying about on random chars. I’ve got so many pets I don’t remember them all anymore, but I try to randompet my way through them. I’ve got outfits galore from all the seasonal events and I save every wand I get during Halloween. I’m still turning people into ghosts during raids! Trinkets, potions, pets, outfits, you name it, I have it. 😀

    Can we get bigger bags now please. 😦

    • Tribeca says:

      Aww wands! I love them! I remember one of my guildies turned me into a bat last halloween, right before Deathwhisper heroic pull. Only problem is I had a bug so I couldn’t get out of bat, clicking icon or cancelling, nothing worked. And I couldn’t cast any spells like that.
      First time I have heard the sentence say “Elise is a bat and needs not to be” on vent hahah!

  4. alacranmex says:

    Dark Iron Smoking Pipe
    Level 70 BRD Brewfest encounter.

    In a gave that loves booze but hates smoking, it’s a one-of-a-kind item.

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