…in WoW, of course!

My first day in WoW was a lazy Sunday in November 2006. In all honesty, I had already tried it earlier, but only for 5 minutes and it didn’t catch my interest at that time. Then my brother told me he had started playing, and I thought I could give it a second chance. He told me he played on Bronzebeard, so I chose the same realm. My boyfriend back then was a game journalist in a major newspaper, so he got me a copy of the game for free. He also advised me to choose a hunter, since I was “into pets and all”. Well, have to give him right on that one, hunter worked out great.

Liloo and Zelma. One of my first screenshots

Picking race was easier. Fa-, uh sorry, big-boned dorf with power thighs, or long-legged amazon nelf? I was shallow and chose the attractive one. Name was not too hard either. Me, being big Luc Besson fan, one of my favourite movies is Fifth Element. I can’t help myself from saying “chicken, goooood!” every time I eat it and struggle to resist saying “big bada boom” when I hear a loud sound. And, if I am traveling, of course I have to say “Lilo mutlipass. Multipaaaass” while flashing my passport. If you haven’t seen Fifth Element, you have no idea what I am talking about and would probably think I was being very annoying (Although, if you have seen it and do get the point, you’d probably find it annoying anyway). Back to point, good movie, main character named Leeloo. I chose Liloo, and the sexiest smexiest hunter of Azeroth was born.


WoW was my first mmo, means I had no basic knowledge of how to move, jump or what to do in general. I zoomed and tilted my camera up to max so all I could see was the sky, and needed help to make it right. I got stuck in a tree, fell down from a cliff and got lost in a lake. My boyfriend tried helping me, telling me to use WASD keys, which didn’t work for me at all.  I gave him a hard time, asking tons of questions but most of the times refusing to listen. “How hard can it be? Just talk to the quest giver!” “Guest liver? What are you talking about?! Come and show me on my screen!” To keep the peace, I decided to ask my brother instead. These are some of the things he, my brother the wise mentor, taught me:

  • Horde lives in Kalimdor. Alliance lives in Eastern Kingdom. Night elves are stuck on an island in between. Possibly forever.
  • If a player or npc has “??” above its head, means it’s horde.
  • The hearthstone is a rare drop, you are lucky if you get it.
  • A pvp server is a server where you can kill anything or anyone, even players of your own faction. A pve server is a server where you can only kill the opposite one.

Thank you, Chris! 😛 For keeping me in the dark and adding new dimensions to the word “noob”. That being said, my own ideas and assumptions were a lot worse. I thought I couldn’t wear mail since I was female (yeah, english knowledge not always up to date). I had a spirit off-hand and killed all the sheep (critters) I saw in attempt to farm wool cloth. To mention a few things. Still, WoW has never felt more magic or exciting. I enjoyed every minute of it. And I have ever since. Do you remember your first time in WoW?

  1. 4nx13ty phr34k says:

    I started out as Night Elf hunter on Emerald Dream… I got addicted from day 1 but didn’t really know anything back then. The one thing that comes to mind is going to look for the cochroach pet with my friend Pigelf that collected vanity pets. Tho at the time we didn’t know that it was sold in a horde city. We went to the gates of Undercity and got greeted by an agry pack of evil hordes. That didn’t go well and we had to go back to Tedrassil with no new pet.

    I also remember that we used to raid crossroads back then because it was before Battlegrounds came out and World PvP was to only way to get some action between the factions. I was a proud owner of a sexy 60% kitten mount and thought to myself I’ll get away easy because I haz a mount… little did I know that there was this thing called epic mounts as I couldn’t understand why the evil ?? hordes caught up to me like a was riding an exercise bike in a health club… those were the days. The noob ages… miss those (It’s what makes Rift awesome at the moment).

    • Tribeca says:

      Lol Tom. Did you have a plan how to buy that pet? So sweet. I found that owl vendor in darnassus and bought one, only to discover that I was almost broke afterwards! Think it was 20 silver. But was so proud if that owl.

      Epics mount I didn’t know about till long after 50, I wanted a ram so badly and was sad when someone told me night elves couldnt have them…

  2. Heidi says:

    My first character was a nelf (or was it human?) warrior that didn’t even make it out of the starting zone. So boring! Still haven’t gotten one past 40 to this day. So I rerolled a nelf hunter, called her Solsikke after the sunflower I had in my windowsill and spent the next 5 hours trying to find a way out of the damn furbolg cave in Teldrassil. This was of course before I had a pet, I’m guessing I was a melee huntard and I had no idea what a hearthstone was.

    At some point after this I got a visit from the most shiny nelf priest I’ve ever seen, Axel was a friend of a friend who came over to Teldrassil to give me 3 mageweave bags and 5 gold, wearing his full priest t 0.5 and riding a tiger!

    The girl that got me into WoW explained that the trade channel was something I could ignore and the same for the auction house, I’d only lose my hard earned 5 gold there. I swore to never waste my gold in that evil place and then went on to swim to Auberdine, which didn’t work out too well.

    I have a screenshot still of Solsikke around level 17 on the shores of Darkshore, looking at a massive full moon with her pet bear Ole that had both cower and growl on autocast. Good times. 😉

    • Tribeca says:

      I remember that cave Heidi. Was my first group quest in there, at least I was in a group, but got kicked for ninjaing all loot. I just needed on everything ( no idea what I was clicking) and opened all the chests. When some in party told me roll for it first, I just assumed he was talking to someone else. Aw. Feel bad still.

      Lol @ story about girl who told you about
      wicked ah. Was it hege? Or maybe Sara? 😀

      • Heidi says:

        Det var Hege som beskyttet meg mot det store, one auksjonshuset. 😉 Husker det første jeg så av WoW også, det var Hege som tanket Araj i WPL for en 10 manns gruppe eller hva det var back in the day… Det var så shiny! Og så mye som skjedde! Skjønte ikke en ting. 😀

  3. Guro Pettersen says:

    Hahaha, for en koselig måte å starte WoW på! 😀 Jeg begynte en gang i 2009 sammen med kjæresten min og broren min, vi satt hos pappa og kjeda oss, og jeg fikk lov til å låne dataen til kjæresten. WoW var på, så jeg tenkte at det var lurest å starte det for å se hva som var artig med det i det hele tatt. Derfor fikk jeg en night elf druid, og.. De to første timene gikk det ut på å forstå tastene og ikke hoppe ned fra det store treet. Samtidig fikk jeg en stor forkjærlighet for de små rådyrene i skogen, så jeg fulgte etter den nye vennen min i en times tid. Etter en stund begynte jeg selv å game, men fikk veldig mye hjelp av broren min og kjæresten via boosting, å ha mobilen på om natta så jeg kunne ringe når questen var for vanskelig eller at jeg ikke visste hvor jeg var i Stormwind! Wuhu! 😀

    • Tribeca says:

      Haha, så søtt det med rådyret! Og det store treet var vanskelig å manøvrere i, klarte ikke svingene jeg hihi.

      Genialt å ha en å spørre om quests på natta da. Litt sånn personlig, live wowhead. Wtb!

      Du får gi meg armorylinken din en saf, hadde vært moro å se 🙂

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