After many years of playing WoW, it’s just recently that I have started working more with my user interface. I was happy with the default Blizzard one, till I decided to get a chat addon since I was missing most of my whispers while raiding. When I got that, the chat windows didn’t really fit with my ui, and I saw a screenshot of someone using Spartan UI, which I though looked quite good. I tried downloading this together with Bartender, but the lack of a menu and only using slash commands to customize it, drove me crazy. I spent days and many hours searching and trying out new addons, interface skins and moving buttons and icon up, down, sideways… Till I was finally happy.

This is the ui I am using now (both in and out of combat) and have been for a while (click to enlarge, I chose to keep original size on image):

What’s all this and what does it do?

These are the addons (well, the ones I use for raiding) I use for my ui:

* Prat (chat)

* SexyMap (minimap)

* Bartender  + Button Facade (icons / bars)

* Recount (Meters)

* ShieldsUp (For shaman shields)

* HealBot + Grid (Unit Frames)

* Deadly Boss Mods + Big Wigs (Boss mods)

* Titan Panel (information plugins)

* Sunn Viewport  (interface skin)

This is my warlock alt’s ui, I don’t raid with her, so have not many addons to improve her play style.

All of these are available at Curse, and I would ofc recommend download the free client so you don’t need to wonder where to place them, when to update them etc.

The Sky is the Limit, really

While searching for tips and inspiration, I came over some several good ones, some bad ones and some that were simply crazy. With everything from naked girls to running horses. I guess this simply shows that there are no limits for how much you can customize your ui to look the exact way YOU want. Some want every kind of information on their screen, some what only the most important, like target and targets’ target.  This also depends if you are playing with key binds or clicking with mouse. The more key binds, the less icons you need on your action bars.

Here are some pictures of ui’s I found while searching on google. If you want to see more custom ui’s visit this and this site, they are from Raider UI of the Week thread at Wow Insider. Much interesting! 🙂

  1. alacranmex says:

    It looks pretty dang nice in combat. You have a lot of buffs in middle-right and I wonder if you can move those with Satrina’s to where the minimap used to be.

    It’s pretty similar to my own UI, I don’t use and Unit frames besides what I use for healing. Nice use of focus frame.

    One very helpful addon I use is Power Auras and I track Tidal Waves and Riptide right next to my healer frames. Helps me take advantage of TW’s to teh max.

  2. Tribeca says:

    Thanks 🙂

    I have plans on getting PA, just haven’t got around to it yet. Going to check out addon for moving the buffs, since they can be annoying. Trying to make small adjustements after each raid, always something that’s not perfect hehe. Till next patch comes, rinse and repeat 😉

  3. Saga says:

    The Hello Kitty UI made me laugh *lol* I can’t believe anyone would actually use that 😛

    Your UI looks nice!

    I personally used SpartanUI for the longest time, but I recently made my own, but it still follows the Spartan idea of having my target and my own portrait down at the bottom.. I like keeping everything in one easy place to look 🙂

    • Tribeca says:

      Thank you Saga 🙂

      Haha Hello Kitty is excellent- if you are a 12 year old girl 😀

      I liked the look of Spartan a lot, but it wasn’t very practical for me on shaman. Would like to see your own 😀

  4. Heidi says:

    I think I may want the Liloo and Stitch one. 😀

    On a more serious note, why do you have both healbot and grid? It doesn’t look like you’re really using grid for anything, that’s why I’m wondering. 😉

    Also, what’s the info about your focus target on the bottom right just above recount? I’m guessing 5 charges of earth shield at least, but the other one…?

    • Tribeca says:

      Hey Heidi!

      Lol, you should def get Liloo and Stitch 😀

      Well I kinda use Grid for 5 mans atm, but Healbot for the 25’s since I am not really used to Grid yet. That’s why 🙂 Also, in raids, Grid is kinda handy for the ready check, and I like it better to see who’s dead and who’s oor. Plan is to start using only Grid. One day 😀

    • Tribeca says:

      Oh and forgot other question. That is ShieldsUp, the 5 are, like you said, earth shield, the others are my shields, water or lighting ones. I find it handy for keeping them up 🙂

  5. Qrt says:

    That spartan one looks kinda like me in raids. Being melee i need alot of wiewing area :). I use the original UI and a “mini” version of X-perl raidframes, otherwise it’s very much alike.

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