Dragonstalker Helm

I’ve always been a girly girl. I loved to play with dolls, style them, dress them, make them pretty. I couldn’t wait til I was old enough for wearing lipstick and nail polish, practiced by putting it on myself with varied results.  Nowadays, I still love makeup and am a huge fan of accessories, have a large collection of handbags, belts, hair stuff and jewellery. This is something I’ve applied to game. I collect dresses and costumes, and have major bank space issues storing it all. Only sad thing is shoes, really. No matter how stylish they are, on me, hoof girl, they end up looking like leg warmers. Only bad thing about being a draenei.

I was a very happy panda the day barbers were introduced. So far, I have spent 448 gold in the barber shop, mostly by changing my hair. Different instance may require different hairstyle! Right…? In comparison, 316 gold spend on respecs and 426 gold on travel.I wish they could even more hairstyles into game, more jewellery, tattoos, marks, everything to pimp your toon!

I love shiny armor, but there’s one thing I am really curious about. The Blizz helmet designers  -what’s going on in there? Are they all high on mushrooms? Are they just slacking? Or do they simply have a really, really strange taste when it comes to headwear?

Mist of the helmets seem to go under one of these categories:



Dead Animals: Blizz wants us to wear cadavers on our heads. Specially heads of wolves, fishes and birds. They love the “a head on top of a head” idea, the weirder the better.. Definitely very speculative. Not very shiny.


Nutty Professor: If it’s not a bird, is it a plane? An antenna? If your head was a magnet, and you were to dive into a scrapyard, the result would be a very average Blizzard helmet. Rotating objects, blinking buttons and twisted metal parts. Very bling bling, sort of shiny yes, but in the wrong way.



Simply Fugly: Helmets that would be too scary even for the spookiest Halloween party. Teeth, bones, stitches, creepy details. Very Hannibal Lecter inspired. Not shiny in any way.




There are some helmets that look nice, of course. Most of them are the ones that don’t really look like helmets, more like headbands, hoods or tiaras. Sadly, these are most common while leveling, at end game level it’s back to the horror show. It might be just me of course, but in 95 % of the times, the headpieces are a big no no. Thank god for hide helmet option 😀

Your helmet – shown or not?


Other helmets you might not want to wear on the first date:

  1. Silverhawk says:

    Show on male characters, hide on female (well sometimes show if it’s a good lookin helm/cowl). Thank youuu for not stopping to blog… I almost died of impatience waiting for something to read 😛 Now put on your thinking cap and write more often ^.^

  2. Marcus says:

    I hide mine, cos they’re crap. Best helm I had (and showed) was Vengeful Gladiator’s Plate Helm (s3). Fantastic Hat!

  3. Saga says:

    I usually have the helm not to show. I think the last one I had on show was the warlock T5 helm, I did love that one 🙂

  4. Ole says:

    And btw, im still here baby! Keep it coming ❤

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