20 days of World of Warcraft- Day 2

Posted: January 4, 2011 in 20 Days Challenge, Around Azeroth
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Favourite Race and Why?

I have 10 characters on Bronzebeard, and these are the races:

Human 2
Draenei 2
Night elf 3
Blood elf 1
Worgen 1
Gnome 1

First of all I have to add that they are all females, and as already stated, I don’t think I could ever play a male. So when it comes to favourite race, I am thinking of female race. If I had to choose male, hmm, Id probably go for male tauren, I have to admit I find them rather, erm sexy. They are so big and strong, and even though they scratch themselves all the time (just like real men!) and mooo’s, they are really masculine, rough and…a bit attractive! is that wrong?

Anywaaaay, female night elf used to be my favourite, I, as many others, are fascinated by elves. I like their height, their animations, voices and faces – especially with markings and the right hair style. However, seems something happened after Burning Crusade when blood elves and draeneis were introduced, sort of like the developers spent more money and time on creating the new races, they look so more detailed, in my opinion. I love the blood elves, they are so spicy, fun and pretty. They have a cute dance, pretty, green eyes and soft hair. Even earrings! Which I simply love, I have 74837984 pairs and simply need to wear them every day. Big fan! Also, all armor looks so good on them, blood elves are like the supermodels of WoW, and also my adult version of playing with a Barbie doll.

Isn’t she lovely

Still, the draenei is nr 1 for me. Their bodies are amazing. Their skin is smooth and flawless and I’d so kill for their breasts, slim waist and long legs. Their curves make the night elves look rather flat, and they move with such a grace and elegance, swinging their hips and shaking the tail to tease. Some might think the tentacles, horns and hooves are freaky, I’d say exotic. Also, the female draeneis got a laugh that can melt the coldest heart. Even though I’m not really into Lore, their story is interesting, epic and also sad. Draeneis are proven to be extremely intelligent with a natural affinity for magic in all of its forms. What’s not to like?

They seem to have some issues with steering panels and orientation in general, since their spaceship crashed in Exodar, leaving survivors feeling confused and lost. Now that’s a feeling I can relate to, so I hold them, if possible, even closer to my heart. I am a true draenei lover, give me any indigo skinned, long-legged beauty with glowing eyes and I will keep enjoying World of Warcraft for a long time.

Do you have any favourite race? If so, why?

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey E,

    I just love the gnome’s. Played them for a “long” time, but like to be the “under”dog… i tried other races for a “short” time, but changed my priest to a gnome as soon as i could 🙂 Didn’t have to think “long” about that.

    Also i find the female gnomes sexy. the flirt and giggle are so cute 🙂

    (maybe it has to do something with that i only had short relationships before)



  2. Steve says:

    It’s an easy choice for me.

    For men the (alliance) race order goes human > night elf > dwarf > others.

    For women the (alliance) race order goes draenai > human > night elf > others

    Most alliance male races for pretty poor tbh, your previous post address this well I think. Female Gnomes I’d class as cute rather than sexy. Even the males are cute in their way. Female Draenai are really sexy but the males are just downright weird looking (its the tentacles/beard thing I think). Female Dwarves are to be avoided. Worgens, WFT is that all about!!

    For horde, not sure who the hell would play Undead, Orc or Troll. I agree that Tauren have a certain masculine look to them (and that’s just the women!) but for me Blood Elf is the only way to go. I’d put Female Blood Elves up there right after Female Draenai on looks. Even the Males arent bad…


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