20 days of World of Warcraft- day 1

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Shaman
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Happy new year! One of the things I’d like to do more of in 2011 is write more here, so when I came over a “20 days of World of Warcraft Challenge” at Specced for Drama, I decided to grab the opportunity. Since I am not raiding yet, I haven’t had that much to write about, there’s a limit for how much you can write about heroic runs and leveling archeology.

Anyway, first question of the challenge is:

Favourite class and why?

Shaman! Hmm not much thinking required for me here. My blog is called ShammyLove for a reason. So, why a shaman? My first toon was a hunter. Then I made my lock. My shaman was created right after BC release, but it wasnt before I reached level 70 that I actually appreciated it. After starting to heal in heroics, then in raids, I also learned how to play. Well, more or less.I can honestly say, shaman is the class I  find the most fun. Why?


Whatever you prefer the most, throwing electrical lighting bolts and burning masses of lava at safe range, smashing multiple mobs with heavy maces or go crazy with the big heals, playing a shaman gives you all these options. So far, I’m more or less using the same gear in resto as I am in elemental, and it’s nice to be able to go from healer to facemelter within seconds. In Burning Crusade the shaman was mostly about raid healing, chainheal, chainheal, and some more chainheal, but a shaman makes an excellent tank healer as well nowadays. So ok, we can’t tank (anymore. We used to have a taunt, looong ago, did you know?), but we can do everything else, and we do it with style!


Ok, not as much as before, when shaman was a horde-only class, and maybe even less after dwarves now can be shamans too (pfft!). 8 % of WoW players play a shaman, so we are on bottom of class choice together with warlock and rogue. But still, our spells are quite unique, and a mystery to the ones outside our exclusive club. Leveling a shaman is not faceroll, sometimes it can be a pain even, but the end result is worth it.


To start with: There. Can. Never. Be. Enough. Totems. A shaman feels naked without her / his totems, and need to make sure to always keep them up. Before Cataclysm, when paladins used PallyPower to make sure every class got their right buff, every boss fight usually started with off with someone moaning about might, or kings, or wisdom, or, more likely, all of them. Funnily enough, people very rarely moan about missing a totem. Whether this is because shamans are so pro that they would never forget putting them up, or because non-shamans don’t really notice or know which totems they would benefit from, I don’t know. I’m guessing the last.

Just when you thought he was out…he pulls himself back in! Yes, shamans are the only class able to resurrect itself apart from the warlock’s soulstone ofc, but that’s not half as shiny as dying, popping up and nervously hoping no one noticed that you went down in the first place. Very cool. Very shiny.

There’s no place like home: If you are like me and tend to forget bringing something, no need for despair, Astral Recall makes sure you can get home every 15 minute or so. Glyph it and together with heartstone and guild achievement for reduced cooldown on that, and you will never, ever need to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Wooo, Heroism (fine, Bloodlust if you prefer); no reason to even try explaining why this is a shiny. Makes everyone ecstatic. Nuff said.

Other shinies: communication with the spirit world, popping huge flame or earth guys, transforming into wolves, cure magic and curses, enter trances that boosts our abilities.

Crash, Boom, Bang

All the three shaman specs in Cataclysm are so far pretty great to play, sure, the average resto shaman may struggle with mana and can’t afford non-stop casting like before, but we still manage. And both elemental and enhancement shamans are able to do really well dps-wise. We can take our knowledge into Cata and proudly continue to make mobs fear us and fellow party members envy our awesomeness.

So you wanna play a shaman?

Great! What you should remember is that you’ll need to learn your spells and rotation, there’s no press one button – watch the big numbers thing. You also need to have knowledge about other classes, like putting up a strength of earth totem is no use if there’s a dk with his horn in the party, and that the paladin’s blessing of might gives you an opportunity to use your healing stream. You’ll also need to communicate with other shamans in the group to make sure you get maximum out of tour totems.

Like a wise once shaman said, paladins may have their light, but shamans sure ride the lighting! What is YOUR favourite class, and why?

Ps. Passing this challenge on to Tom! 😀

  1. Elise says:

    Rogue – definitely. This could be because my rogue is my only 85 character, but I prefer thinking it is because we are so awesome. I just don’t like playing a rogue; I am a rogue! When I started playing this game I chose the rogue class quite by accident. Well, I’ll admit that I actually chose to be a night elf rogue purely based on looks. To my defense I had never even seen anyone play WoW before; and I had no idea you could replace those silly outfits! I am however, quite glad I did, for I discovered later that it was the perfect class for me. I’m pretty sure I might not have continued playing if I chose a different class, for I’m quite impatient with things I don’t understand (and to be clear: nooo, that was not me declaring rogues to be an easy class, we do require super skills, ehhem). I love so many things about rogues.

    I don’t think I ever need to explain stealth, it is simply just so awesome. There is nothing better in the entire world than to sneak past all mobs and watch all others be helpless. Stealth is unique, and even though some people complain about it being cowardly, that is just them being jealous cause they can’t vanish, pff! Pickpocket and lockpicking? Love it, and a way to earn some money at times.

    Even though we don’t contribute much to the raid in ourselves, we do have dps. Some people may say that the lack of versatility is bad; I say it makes us focused. We are there for one thing, and one thing only; dpsing the hell out of everything that moves (aaand slowing adds/boss, interrupting spells, stunning adds/boss, helping out the raid in what little way we can etc.) Sometimes, when I feel bad about being so useless (if we aren’t counting big yellow numbers and morale that is), I always bring lots of fish feasts (well that time is over, but waiting for the awesome cataclysm recipe), I have Jeeves and a mailbox available, I can res a healer (when it doesn’t fail) after I vanished from a wipe and save the raid lots of time, and DID I MENTION how awesome combo points and energy are? I didn’t? Well it’s awesome. Did I hear you say oom? We’re pretty squishy; even if we aren’t clothies, and we do have some good PvP abilities!

    I leveled as a sub rogue, and my how I loved it! Wasn’t much of a use when I started raiding however, and I quickly learnt to love the mutilate build. I’m unstoppable on single-target fights :>

    As a mutilate rogue I go for daggers; which in my opinion are the most awesome weapons in the game. They might not be big, shiney and threatening, but they are fast and sneaky just like rogues, and pretty smexy – Am I rite? And now as I can even heal myself a little!

    I will admit that I really enjoy playing my shaman too, especially since I can be a melee if I want to (I never quite get the mentality of staying AWAY from the mobs into my head) at the same time as I can heal when I want to! 😀

  2. Tribeca says:

    Hey Elise,

    Wow, thank you for such a great reply. I have to admit, rogue is one of the classes (together with warrior and priest) that I’ve never played. Well, maybe once til level 5 or something. I haven’t really felt like trying either, but I havre to say,you sounded so entusiasthic and passionate about your rogue that I actually felt like going creating one! 😀

    If only our rogues could put up fishes and repair bots, you sound like the dream rogue tbh!

    Keep up the good work Elise (no Hugo, I’m not talking to myself! :P), and keep telling about your experiences, love it 🙂

  3. Saga says:

    I enjoy a lot of classes, but I have to say that Warlock is my favourite. Maybe it’s the little evil inside of me that relishes in their dark magic or maybe I just like melting faces with big bolts of shadow and flame. In either case, Warlock is the class that I enjoy most.

    I find many classes enjoyable to play, but my Warlock Démonique has always been special to me, and I think she always will be. I’m happy she’s my main again for Cataclysm after a stint as a tank for a while in Wrath.

    Time to go curse some poor fools! 😉

  4. Tribeca says:

    Hey Saga,

    I am very happy that you like warlocks, in fact, your warlock guide was the one that made me choose lock as first alt to be leveled in Cataclysm. I am still a bit lost, can’t really seem to figure out the rotation, I guess you know you are a bad player when you all of a sudden discover a very important ability in your spellbook that you had no idea you had. Happened to me last night in Brc- facepalm to self.

    Good thing my lock is only for the fun, and I DO love her, even tho she messes up a lot. 😀

  5. […] also got challenged by my favorite blogger and friend Tribeca the other day and I’ll get to that when I get some nice screenies I can use. I’m not as […]

    • Steve says:

      I enjoyed levelling more with my Shammy as Enhancement and running randoms with her as Resto in WOTLK, havent really started with her in Cataclysm yet.

      However, you can really beat raid tanking for fun and so my Pally Tank will always be my favourite. Lots of cooldowns (now) and good rotation, self healing (to a degree) and good for pulling and hold aggro. Healers to keep an eye on you, what’s not to like?


  6. Hey,great post, i love every1 who loves shammys.. best class in wow and i realy cant stop playng on it, i have playd with every class but shammy.. uummm.

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