45 mins to go!

Posted: December 6, 2010 in News
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Ulduar pics by Kostas. Others by me

Cata Night is here! I know I haven’t written for some days, ok, more like weeks, but not much have been going on. Been doing some pvp and some leveling alts. End of WotLK feels good, but also a bit sentimental. When it came out, I was standing in line for 2 hours, outside a small game store in Southern Sweden, completely frozen but so excited. Tonight it’s even more cold, but I’m inside my warm appartement, with the Expansion downloaded days ago, just waiting for midnight to log in.

I am happy with the way WotLK turned out. I joined a nice guild right after Ulduar was released, the same guild I am in now. We have killed all bosses both on 10 and 25 man, did most of the hard modes and acvievements. My goal was to kill LK on 25 man, and so we did, including 9 bosses on heroic mode, which I think is very acceptable. As for Cata, I don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping to be a part of all end game raiding content, since this is what I enjoy the most of all in game.

I think it’s strange to think about how much my life has changed since the game store finally opened the doors right when the clock turned 12, and I shortly after stood there excited with my copy of  Wrath of the Lich King, eager to get home and start installing. Some of it for worse, most of it for better, but WoW has always been fun, my hobby, and a nice way to escape from real life.

I’m hoping, and believes, that Cata will do the same. See you there =)

Jumping into Cata

  1. Tallbeard says:

    I was also eager to lay my hands of a copy of WotLK. Was enjoying the whole atmosphere when standing in the line of all these WoW-players and realised that this game is so much more then just a ordinary game. WotLK brought lots of good memories and some bad. I remember the first dungeons when the party had no clue in what to expect and just rushed in and did pretty good. But then, it’s so much easier when you’re surronded by good players:). Things went a bit different on this expansionrelease. First of all, my pre-ordered copy never showed up:(…apparently they could only ship like 85% of the expansion, meaning that I will not be alone, sadly…so now I’m at work, thinking of all the people that are in the game with their copy of cataclysm and experience the new world…well, well life goes on but my memory from this expansion will be a lot different from WotLK.

    Looking forward to more posts from the expansion Elise and good luck with all the raiding.

  2. Tribeca says:

    Hi Martin,

    Sorry to hear about your copy. I think downloading it was a good idea.

    Like it a lot so far, you can look forward to it!

  3. Elise says:

    Want update! 🙂

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