Sometimes I ask myself for how long I will play WoW, at least on the same basis as I’m doing now. Only thing I know is that it will probably (and hopefully?) not be forever.  I’m not planning to quit now, I’m having too much fun for that, but when that times comes I was planning on ordering an ego-copy of myself. For memories. Means something I can look at and think “why on earth did I bother spending such amount of time on that game”, but hopefully it will also remind me all the fun I had, and that I actually got several friends out of it. And no, not the pixellated friends who take your alt through Deadmines, but actual, real homo-sapien friends you have dinner and do actual rl-stuff with.

You have maybe heard of, maybe even visited, FigurePrints. Personally I have earlier found it a bit too expensive to actually place an order, but the prices are now reduced (from 170 to 130 Euro).  If you are the proud owner of a toon that you want to see shaped into stone you will also probably want some better gear than those green-of-the-boar leggings which makes your ass look big. This is also FigurePrints conclusion, because lately they have added an option where you either can choose your own gear, updated from Armory, or pick another armor set. Were you a hardcore Vanilla raider, had full t3 set and would like to remember your toon from the glorious days when you had the time of your life before Blizz messed it all up? You got it!

I’m obviously not the only one who is considering purchasing some WoW effects to cheer up my home, there are tons of stuff out there!

How about a shirt for the doggy? Jewelery for your sweetheart? Soap for the bathroom? Or, mana / health energy drinks to get you through those long wip.. uhm I mean raid nights /nod. If nothing else, would be a fun present for a friend who is also trapped into this hobby we call World of Warcraft.

I also found a selection of plush animals, and have to admit I am very attracted to the voidwalker one. And how cute isn’t the baby murlock??

Gimme, please

  1. Björn says:

    I know the feeling Elise and in a way I’ve already stopped playing wow! So what happens then…I have no pressure to do raids or to get better gear or to do daily quest you name it…so I start a new alt (or main!) of course and she can run around the world and do things whenever and wherever she wants to…..this is whenever I want to(or..).

    I have bought a FingerPrinty toon to my wife (with her character ofc, hehe) It looks good enough and she is very pleased about it…but Im a little annoyed…since the price tag wasn’t correct…a couple of days after I received the toon I got an invoice from a canadian company that wanted to get paid for doing some “sending stuff” so read the fine prints…hopefully they use the full price now!

    Btw I was to lazy so I couldn’t order the letter opener before it was to late…

  2. ida says:

    hei 😀 vet du hvor jeg kan kjøpe den kaffekoppen? 😀 perfekt julegave xD

  3. Tribeca says:

    hey Ida 🙂
    Yes, you can buy it here:
    Good luck!

  4. Lil' Timmeh says:

    I’d love one of those statues but bleh expensiffff….
    Tho the bag pack and coffeemug looks awesome too 😀
    Plus I wish I had an infinite surplus of real life mana and health potions ^.^ I needz it!

  5. Qrt says:

    I don’t see me stopping playing WOW as long as the people i love to hang out with are there. For me it’s more a social arena than it is about the raiding fun and have been for some time now. I just love bumping into old friends, former guildies and stuff. Too much to see me stop anywhere in the near future. If everyone quits, ofcourse that’s another matter. If they (and you) do, i hope there will be some other arena we can meet on and keep in touch. Prefereably not a place called facebook, but a place where we interact on more levels than just sharing words and pics 🙂

  6. Qrt says:

    Didn’t get to post the pic, but i definately want a statue of Goyohkayahh in my full D2-set and the Mace of unending life looks just too awesome 🙂

  7. Syrco says:

    I have never bought any WoW items but always wanted T-shirts from Jinx they got some really cool ones, and the figure prints are fun too, maybe I’ll buy some to always have as a memory of my characters, if I quit, or when.
    But what I really want is a moonkin plush! Where did you find that picture of the moonkin plush? Or where can I buy one? :O

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