Stayin’ Alive

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Raidtime!
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Ok, so getting Undying title now, after x number of patches since Naxx was new, is maybe not a great achievement, but still great fun. Raids seem hard to put together nowadays, people are fed up with current content and waiting for Cataclysm. I still enjoy all kind of raiding, always have, and as long as we can do something where I can heal I’m in.

I was of course the sissy and freaked out the minute someone dropped below 95 % health, Stoffe had trouble with his newly bought Dubaian alligator, Hugo didn’t have to use ankh for once, Simon showed off with the silly Shadowmourne and Torje did mad stunts that made whole raid panic outload on Vent. A good night 🙂

  1. Hugo says:

    “Hugo didn’t have to use ankh for once” was the only night that you didnt try to kill me 🙂

    but was a good and fun night, ty for putting the group together that night 🙂



  2. Qrt says:

    heheee Gratters 🙂

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