Shooting Stars

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Raidtime!
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Ever since Ulduar was released, I thought the title Starcaller was one of the prettiest titles in game. I killed Yogg-Saron on both 10 and 15 man when he (it?) was the newest boss in game, and it’s still one of the fights I remember best. We also had a 10 man group going for hardmodes so we could kill Algalon the Observer, who spawns after completing several hard modes. After engaged, you’ll have one hour to kill him before he despawns.

However, the Mimiron hard mode fight was too hard for us at that time, and after pushing the button over and over, our raid leader went into frenzy mode, followed by enrage and /gquit. We were all so fed up with whole place and situation, so when ToC came out few weeks later, we moved on and didn’t look back. Until now, where we thought it would be a good idea to go back, faceroll through the hard modes and put Algalon to his final rest.

Even though it was really not a huge challenge, I loved the fight, I think it’s one of the prettiest bossfights I have been to, shiny (deadly) stars, glows and sparkles all over. I also love how, when the boss is dead and you hand in the quest item he drops, the Dalaran sky lights up for some seconds, and you see the stars above the city. Oh. So. Pretty.




  1. Merlino says:

    Nice title honey =)

    Miss ya!

  2. Lil' Timmeh says:

    WoW, loved the first picture. Wish I was half as good with photoshop as u

  3. Qrt says:

    wow … just awesome pics there πŸ™‚

  4. Syl says:

    Gratz on a lovely title! I never made it for this one, but then the twilight vanquisher or nightfall ones are pretty okay too. =)

    and a warm welcome to the wow blogosphere from me!

    • Tribeca says:

      Hello πŸ™‚

      Both very nice titles idd. Would kill (well, wow kill) for Astral Walker. Thanks for comment, checking out Raging Monkeys now πŸ˜€

  5. New Subscriber says:

    I dont even read blogs really but this one is fun and interesting. You have a refreshing passion for the game which can be quite rare. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

  6. […] linked to an achievement. My favorite title is the one I am wearing still, among about 30 others, Starcaller. I think it’s so pretty, in fact of the titles that reminds me a bit of saga names, appeal to […]

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