The joy of recruitement

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Lols, Very random, When bored
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/facepalm or /hug ?

  1. Catseyes says:


    Some people are just out to have fun, after all WOW is just a game. There may also be reasons for not having kept up with content, I myself have had a 9 month break and not played in ICC. If you arent ever given the oppertunity to do things, how do you show you can do them? 🙂


    • Tribeca says:

      Hey Catseyes,

      I have no problem understanding people all play the game for different reasons. If someone spend all their time fishing, or all their time raiding, both ways makes sense to me.
      However, when you want to start raiding, you usually start with the first bosses in Icc normal, maybe 10 man, certainly not the last few bosses in Icc 25 heroic 😉
      This wasn’t supposed to be mean in any way, more showing that’s it is really hard to recruit members when most of them don’t bother to read what you are looking for 😀
      Oh btw…I’d /hug him too. But that doesn’t mean he’ll get to raid 😉

  2. Qrt says:

    A big hug and a pat on the head would be in order for that guy i’d say 🙂

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