Just want to say…

Posted: August 27, 2010 in News
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…that I haven’t stopped blogging or anything! Just been really busy lately. But now it is weekend-time and I will try update a bit more. In meantime, enjoy the really (crappy, I was too tired) work of me as a draenei. See you soon 🙂

  1. Lil' Timmeh says:

    O.o scareh… it’s the eyes I tell ya *lolz*
    Still, I’m happy to see new post even if they scare me 😛

  2. Mio says:

    Wooooooo sexey. Marrey meh!

  3. NoiA says:

    What the fuck is this shit?
    Another wowblog.. ?

    Apparantlly a hot chick hosts this crap..
    Wiese told me.. but wtf??
    Is this it?
    He told me about a beutifull norwegian girl, writing about Wow stuff..
    This is no fun and no hot chick except that chick wearing blue colour..

  4. Wiese says:

    Now is not the time..
    Elise .. delete both of us..

    Ill post something more fun.. jzt gief tomoz..

  5. Ole says:

    NoiA, what the fuck is your problem? gtfo and do your mother =)

  6. Tribeca says:

    “Noia” and “Wiese”, you know I can see your IP adress, right? Funny enough, you are the same person. Multiple personality disorder or just stupid? Whatever it is it’s not good.

    You are not worth the time and efforts, so I’m not even going to reply to this.

    Next time your Ip adress will be blocked.

    Ole, thank you, you’re a star 🙂

  7. Simon says:

    For someone who states ‘there is no hot chick here’ you seem to be devoting a somewhat creepy and scary amount of your time being here.. ( replies under different names ?!wtf weirdo), seriously psycopath gtfo and please get some kind of psychiatric help, you clearly got some deep rooted issues to address.



  8. Marcus says:

    Elise is a wonderful girl in every way and you must be crazy not to love her.

    Get a life!!!!!!!!!

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