Shark Attack

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Around Azeroth, When bored
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Speilberg created Jaws, Blizzard has Maws. Maws the Shark has (literally!) been my wet dream since I read about him on my wonderful friend Toms’s blog.  Always been fascinated by sharks, and would really like to go down in a shark cage once. He is last part of The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain, and after helping Simon (who was mad enough to go for Loremaster) out in Blackrock Mountain, we finally got to kill him. You need a quest item to make him spawn somewhere in waters of Azhara (would be Assssscccchhhharaaaaaaaaahh!!! pronounced  à la Elise), he used to be quite easy even back in Vanilla, where you could kill him with a team of 15 raid members. We were 4 people and killed him so fast I had to ask people slow down on dps just to be able to make a screenshot. Poor Maws.

A new loremaster is born

  1. Lil' Timmeh says:

    I still get a chill every time I’m out swimming in Aschhharrraaah as I know that somewhere out there Maws is lurking in the deep. I guess I’ll get even more afraid in Cataclysm where there is whale sharks the size of boats :S

  2. Syrco says:

    The Whale Shark in Vashj’ir is biiiig, and his aggro range even bigger :O I was so “lucky” to meet him my first day in Vashj’ir :/

  3. Elise says:

    Maws! Dundundundundundundundundunduuuuuun

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