Creepy kids of WoW part II (and some not so creepy)

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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Where do the heroes of Azeroth place their precious little ones when they are out fighting evil monsters? Perhaps at Nagrand Nursery. On the border of Nagrand laughing skull ruins and Zangarmarch you will find a little camp, called “Challe’s home for little tykes”. Not sure what a tyke is, but according to dictionary it can be both “a slang, often offensive, for person from Yorkshire” or “a small child”. So I am guessing last one 😉

This daycare is located high up in mountains, with lots of opportunities to fall off a cliff and straight down into the sea of Zangarmarch. Perfect place to run around for the children!  The sandbox is built up around knuckles from a large beast, and sharp teeth (probably from same creature) make a suspect fence. And Azeroth kids must be really tough since these are their toys:

So seems Blizz are not really good with kids :p On the inside, however, there are several babies in cribs, garded by Challe the troll. A night elf, tauren, troll and orc baby. Oh, soooo cute. If you are a male orc with good genes and sense of humour you know where to find me, cause I am sooo getting an orc baby! Just look at these wonders:


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  1. Björn says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your own wowchildren with the “dual class” or rather “dual everything” that your parents have. You could easily build your own family (party) and raid/save the country. I wonder how one would play if the kids where hardcore (if u die u die) as well, pretty interesting I would say. Then ones guild might start to be really importing for protection and what if your family get murdered, how would you react. Stop playing, revenge or peace-searching…scary but tempting thoughts 😀

  2. Mayanne says:

    How do you make their eyes blink????????????????????????????????

  3. Tribeca says:

    I made a gif of two pictures 🙂

  4. Mayanne says:

    Whats gif???????????????????????????????????

  5. Tribeca says:

    A gif is a bit-mapped file format. GIF files are great for small icons and animated images, but they lack the color range to be used for high-quality photos.

    And whats up with all the question marks? One is enough 😉

  6. Elise Walla says:

    Subscription ftw ^^
    Haha love getting emails with new posts from you, so please, please post a lot now so I can entertain myself during my extremly (!!) boring workdays 😦

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