Meeting the goblins and worgens

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Cataclysm Beta
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I mentioned I had played a bit in the betaversion of Cataclysm. I got access allready in Alpha (big thanks to sweetest ever Heidi), but could not write or post anything from it. I don’t want to play too much since I want to feel excited when the expansion comes out in [insert random month here]. I stood in line for both Burning Crusade and WotLK, and I will of course do same this time! So if you want to come with me, I will be standing outside Platekompaniet somewhere in middle of Oslo, patiently waiting for my special edition.

Shakespeare inspired

My goblin is a hunter called Ophelia, and hunters get pets from level 1. Which makes sense I think, since thats what hunters is all about. The goblin starting area is lush, thickly-forested and tropial, with swimming pools, beaches and comfortable beds with zebraskin pillows. Sort of like a medium rated hotel somewhere in Phuket. Goblins got two racial abilities, they can jump several yards using a rocketbelt, and also shoot fire missiles from it. I dont think poor Ophelia will ever be beauty queen of Azeroth, but she sure is charming jumping around and climbing vines.

The first quests are easygoing and fun, you run around pick up parts (goblins are as cheap as ever before!), you get to ride a speedcar and get dressed for a poolparty. Arriving there, you need to make sure guests are having a good time, that they are good on food and drinks, or simply get a bucket for those who have had enough. However, the party’s over when evil pirates decide to crahs the party and you need to save your life. From there it is a lot more action going on.

Emily Brontë inspired

Being huge fan of horrormovie genre and have seen many werewolf movies, I was quite excited to try out the Worgens.

The worgen starting zone begins in a flashback. The area Gilneas is besieged by forsakens, and is suffering from a plague. You meet a dissenter, Crowley, who believes that Gilneas being isolated is a mistake and that they should rejoin the Alliance. When the worgen curse comes, you and Crowley lead the defensive, but are pushed and forced back to the city cathedral. There, you realize that the worgens you are fighting are your own friends and neighbours, driven feral. As you realize this, the curse takes you. In other words, less happy-go-lucky stuff  and more suffering and pain in this starting area.

There is a lot of raining going on in Gilneas, make sure to turn weather effects to max. Personally I love it, and my worgen Heathcliff lives up to his name by being a depressed guy who is most likely  to stand in the rain knocking his head into a tree (and if you have no idea what Im talking about, go read Wuthering Heights!). I like him!

  1. Björn says:

    Envious….and I like Heidi too 😉 (get me a DIII beta, plz…hehe)
    Keep the good reports coming!
    Thx, Elise

  2. Wulfy says:

    Ophelia is pure win! I love the concept.

  3. Lunaire says:

    Ouuh, noen å stå i kø med! Jeg blir garantert å finne ved midnatt, som ved WotlK! 😀 Det er jo ikke sååå festlig å stå alene med en bunch kvisete tenåringsgutter, så ja, hehe 😉 Det blir garantert CE, ellers blir jeg vond å ha med å gjøre!

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