My best friend’s wedding

Posted: May 20, 2010 in When afk
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I was at a wedding the previous weekend, and I must say its the best wedding i have ever been to. The bride was one of my best friends and we lived at the same dorm in university many years ago. Now we live in different cities, but still keep in touch. The couple seemed so happy together, I couldnt help crying a bit at some point. The whole wedding was filled with laughter, love and happiness, and we stayed up celebrating til sunrise. Dear Stine and Rune, Im so glad I could be there and share this day with you, I love you loads!

Theres only one thing I dont like about weddings, and thats the dancingpart. I hate dancing! I dont do it, never ever. And at weddings you are for some reason supposed to dance. Argh! Had to time my going-out-for-fresh-air very well several times. Reminds me of this video I found at YouTube, they must be the coolest dancing couple ever! Guests expect a long, traditional weddingdance but get something totally different…have a look!

  1. Qrt says:

    You don’t love dancing??? WE MUST MARRY!!!! 🙂

    That’s a nice wedding caek and WOW!!! those green eyes of yours. Beautiful ^^

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