Bullies in Wintergrasp; how to get rid of them

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Raidtime!
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Theres a madman loose @ Bronzebeard. He's called Pillock. He might seem like your friendly neighbourhood druid, but dont let him fool you. He's not! He spends his days and nights terrorizing other people in Wintergrasp. He has a game made by a macro or whatever it is, called Kick Roulette. The randomly chosen ones get kicked from the raid, which is annoying. The rest of raid has to live with spamming of ready checks, non-stop markings over head and constant sharing of irrelevant quests. I dont know how many times this guy has been reported, I have reported him myself, but nothing has ever happened. Apparantly, exploring whats under Stormwind and / or buying gold is far more serious. Thanks, Blizz 😉

Anyway. First I wondered how the heck he always ended up being leader? Because thats the only way he has the power to do these things. My ever-so-lovely- friend Simon found out that he's using a macro for it, you need to be in Wintergrasp queue (and best of all also be in Wintergrasp) before it starts, and some seconds before start you spam the macro. Ever since I found out this, I have been using it and since I of course am way quicker than the old fart Pillock, I have become leader. I must say it did feel good to say “Oh hai Pillock! Time to say goodbye now!“, followed by a /remove. People certainly seemed happy about it, after weeks of frustration, never got so many /cheers, /thanks or /hugs in whispers afterwards.

For those who have a similiar clowns on your server or just want to feel the power of leading Wintergrasp raid, the macro is:

/script BattlefieldMgrEntryInviteResponse(1,1);

I might seem really serious now, but I assure you, Im not. Not really. It's just a game, and even though I love Wintergrasp, its not the end of the world. However, I have been wondering why he is doing this, I mean, how fun can it be, raid after raid? I asked him about this today, and he actually answered me in a nice way and told me its sort of like an experiement. He likes to see how incredibly mad people get when they get kicked, he has recieved threaths, curses, all kinds of insults from racial ones to penis size, and the f-word spelled in every possible way. He is screenshotting it all, so “if he gets down (by being banned), he will be taking them with him”. Hmm so far it seems noone will.

I have to admit nerdrage can be pretty entertaining. And I see the point with this being an experiement, also. But I do think its a bit too much. I guess I will continue using the macro to make sure I can be the one in charge. Until next time we meet; goodbye, Pillock!


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