Posted: May 10, 2010 in When afk
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I have done that ultimate geek thing. Again. I have bought a hoodie, not any kind of hoodie, no, a World of Warcraft one.  To wear when I, well play World of Warcraft. I wanted a red one, but no such thing. Seems black is the way to go when you are shopping for WoW clothes. Fair enough. Its got a red shaman print on it, so its all cool bananas.

I cant wear this outside of course, since most of the people I know dont know that I play WoW. They just think Im really into Tetris or something, which is fine with me, they woulndt understand anyway “No I cant meet you tonight because Im going to meet 24 other people through my computer and we are going to kill a pixelated monster together, it takes 4 hours. I think its better they think Im the Tetris one. For now. Anyway, Im looking forward to recieve my hoodie from Jinx, heres a picture of it, what do you think?

Ps. I look a lot hotter in it than this guy ofc /nod


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