Dispell me pleeease

Posted: May 6, 2010 in When afk
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Woke up looking like this

So the reason for me working so much lately has been other people at work have been sick and I have stepped in for those. I knew it would backfire on me! Cause now I am sick too ARGH! I get unbelievable cranky when I get sick, the worst PMS monster in the world is nothing compared to me. And why is my thermometer showing Fahrenheits?? Wheres the no-fahrenheits button? I dont want to goolgle it everytime dammit.  Enrage!!!

Everything is annoying, not to mention everyone. Well, not the ones who bring me Ben & Jerrys icecream and leave afterwards, but sadly there are not any of those people around! I better stay inside lying on my couch being miserable til my penciline kicks in and chases the mean microbes away. Until then I will watch funny stuff on dvd and drink lots of icecold Pepsi without feeling bad about it 🙂

Stuff to make me lol

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