Guild stereotypes?

Posted: July 25, 2009 in Around Azeroth

om sagt har jeg nettopp blitt med i en ny guild, og trives sålangt veldig bra- i går var vi i Ulduar 25 og tok ned Freya og Thorim. Guildens grunnleggere er fra Hellas, så en stor del er grekere, med mye temperament og masse humor. Den store diskusjonen i går var om hvorvidt pasta carbonara var best med eller uten champignon, og argumentene lot ikke vente på seg. Men diskusjonene i en guild kan bli langt mer alvorlige. Når 25 mennesker med forskjellig alder, nasjonalitet, bakgrunn og ønsket om å bli hørt, skal løse oppgaver i fellesskap kan det lett oppstå gnister konflikter. Det er da man må tenke på at det kun er et spill, men kan la følelsene ta overhånd i spill også.

En raid totalt ute av kontroll

Leste en gang en post på WoWs offiselle forum angående guild stereotypes, forfatter er dessverre ukjent så jeg kan ikke gi credit til noen for den, men jeg syntes den var morsom og alle som har vært med i en guild på et eller annet tidspunkt burde kjenne seg igjen i denne 🙂

You raid with these people. You work with these people. These people are closer than your family. You should worry.

The GM
– He's sacrificed his health, friends, and probably a couple of jobs to drag you through new content. When the guild isn?t performing, these decisions are in question. Prone to shooting sprees, forum flame wars, and the rapid advancement/gearing of whatever toon the guild needs. If you can keep your mouth shut, he'll go emo and quit before you get gkicked. Still, you do like the guy. Or did. Before he went crazy. See drunks, below.

The GM's Significant Other
– Okay, so he was going to have to quit but he tricked his SO into playing. She loves it. She's terrible. You'll effectively 24 man every boss. Count on 4 constructs in the raid, every attempt. She plays a Belf.

The Raid Leader
– When you stand in the flames, he dies a little bit inside.

The Heir Apparent
– When the GM goes psycho, ninjas the bank, and gdisbands, you're the guy the guild is gonna look to to to fix the mess. You see it coming. You can't decide if ritual suicide or being the new gm would be more painful.

The Positive Officer
– “That was great. Just great. You know, only 5% of guilds have even made it to Supremus, and getting him down to 67% on the second attempt is hawt.”

The Negative Officer
– “Jesus Christ why are there corpses under all these goddamn volcanoes? It's Supremus for %@*@s's sake. GET OUT OF THE GODDAMN FLAME!” See Drunks, below.

The Hunter Class Lead

– Will tell you that it does actually require skill and preparation to play a hunter well in the end game. Lies frequently.

– He's got meters running. Always. Asks for meter postage whenever he?s in the top 5, which is rare, as his focus on the meters is preventing him from seeing the volcano he's pathing towards. Pulls aggro. Has yet to realize that 0 health returns 0 dps. If he's healing, you might as well just put him on raid, he's gonna heal them anyway.

The Stay At Home Mom
– She's around children all day and craves adult conversation. Babbles incessantly in vent, forgetting that adult conversation doesn't usually begin with, “So I was talking to (insert name of four-year-old child) and he says…” Well liked, but frequently muted.

Mr. Mikeless
– Has a microphone. Hears the conversation and directions. Once wiped the raid because he started talking and most folks alt-tabbed to see who the hell was speaking. May be your best player.

The Kid
– So, you messed up on this guy's interview and nobody noticed that he was 12. But, he can play. And if he gets a little bit excited when boobies are getting talked about? Hey, he's young.

The Backbone
– Plays a tank. Doesn't have much to say. Made an error once in SSC, or so you heard. Will disconnect when Gorefiend is at 30% and keep aggro while offline for the rest of the fight. Has never said anything negative to the healers. Ever. GL with your progression without one of these.

The Other kid
– Remember that accountant you interviewed for the fury warrior position? And how you wondered how he'd make time to raid during tax season? He couldn't. His eleven year old daughter took over about that time. She's been raiding since. Mages, that's an eleven year-old girl owning you night after night.

The Hunter Who Doesn't Do His Homework
– Always good for insightful commentary and clever observation just after a wipe. “Holy Crap Man! I was just standing and shooting and this damn VOLCANO popped on me! When did they put in those volcanoes?”

The Drunks
– The core of your guild. As raid progresses, their voices in vent are getting just ever so slightly slurred. You don't notice because you're trying to sound sober yourself. DPS output seems to scale positively with blood alcohol content.

The Chick with the Accent
– Is the accent fake? Nobody knows or cares. Future visits to Australia/Britian/New Zealand/Alabama are now planned by all single raid members.

The Departed Legend
– You joined after he left. You suspect that he could not actually solo Doomwalker. But you're not totally sure.

The New Guy
– Begins most sentences with, “That's not how we did it in my old guild on Korgath.” Likely to remain guilded for approximately one week. You wonder if he'll be telliing his next guild, “In my old guild, we ran TOWARDS the volcanoes”.

Jeg skal vel ikke se bort ifra at The Hunter Who Doesn't Do His Homework passet ganske godt på meg inntil jeg ble healer *kremt*. 🙂

For å avslutte en masse tekst legger jeg til en video som tar for seg de forskjellige klassene i WoW. Gammel, men god! 🙂


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